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We specialise but are not limited to the repair overhaul or replacement of:

  • Resistor grids – all types from all different truck and locomotives

  • Contactors DC & amp; AC systems

  • Rectifiers & Inverters

Rotating Maintenance and overhaul of:

  • Blower motors

  • Traction motors

  • Alternators

  • Generators

  • Complete grid box overhauls – Total turnkey

  • Normal procedure for our overhauls are run as typical projects:

  • Receive customers equipment into store.

  • Complete a tear down report

  • Quote customer as per the tear down report

  • Overhaul as per the tear down report:

  • A normal overhaul of resistor grids would proceed as follows:

  • Replace top and bottom insulation boards

  • Replace damaged baffle Mica

  • Replace damaged mounting insulators

  • Clean and inspect element section / replace any damaged tapping plates / lugs

  • Assemble unit, Hi Pot, megger test and ductor test

  • Record all values and add to final customers report, which would include initial tear down, overhaul and any parts replaced.

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