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Elected Suppliers Queensland, established in 2004 has been operational as
purchasing consultants sourcing, supplying, planning and coordinating the elements
of procurement.

Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers that have been working in the
Australian mining industry for 35 years.
We specialise and have been involved with developing many different maintenance
systems for mine sites. This includes the complete overhaul of all types of mining
equipment from face shovels, rear dump trucks, auxiliary plant such as dozers graders
and fixed plant.

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We specialise but are not limited to the repair overhaul or replacement of:

  • Resistor grids – all types from all different truck and locomotives

  • Contactors DC & amp; AC systems

  • Rectifiers & Inverters

Rotating Maintenance and overhaul of:

  • Blower motors

  • Traction motors

  • Alternators

  • Generators

  • Complete grid box overhauls – Total turnkey

  • Normal procedure for our overhauls are run as typical projects:

  • Receive customers equipment into store.

  • Complete a tear down report

  • Quote customer as per the tear down report

  • Overhaul as per the tear down report:

  • A normal overhaul of resistor grids would proceed as follows:

  • Replace top and bottom insulation boards

  • Replace damaged baffle Mica

  • Replace damaged mounting insulators

  • Clean and inspect element section / replace any damaged tapping plates / lugs

  • Assemble unit, Hi Pot, megger test and ductor test

  • Record all values and add to final customers report, which would include initial tear down, overhaul and any parts replaced.

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ESQ can repair or completely overhaul components, or supply new OEM parts and components as for example but not limited to:

  • Resistor grids - We supply OEM and specially designed and built

  • DC contactors – all types

  • DC circuit breakers

  • HV circuit breakers such as loco 25kv overhead services circuit breakers

  • Blower motors

  • Power Rectifiers

  • Power Inverters

  • Insulators

  • DC & AC switches controllers etc.

We also supply products like:

  • Motion sensors

  • Circuit breakers

  • Industrial safety mats,

  • WIFI cameras and other miscellaneous items.

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PO BOX 334

+61 415 775 331

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